- David Berkowitz -
"The Son of Sam"

(born June 1, 1953) Berkowitz,is a serial killer who confessed to killing six people and wounding several others in New York City in the summer of 1976. It was a series of shootings that would terrify New York and gain international press coverage. The perpetrator was dubbed "The .44 Caliber Killer" after his weapon of choice. The killer left cryptic notes to the police and papers, taunting the city. After 2 years, and thousands of man hours, police finally tracked down David in relation to the crimes.

His first words upon arrest were reported to be, "What took you so long?" Police searched his apartment, and found it in disarray, with insane graffiti on the walls. During questioning, Berkowitz told a tale that seemed to demand an insanity defense: the "Sam" mentioned in the first letter was one Sam Carr, a former neighbor of Berkowitz. Berkowitz claimed that Carr's dog, Harvey, was possessed by an ancient demon, and that it issued commands to Berkowitz to kill. Berkowitz said he once tried to kill the dog, only to see his aim spoiled due to supernatural interference.

He was sentenced on June 12, 1978 to six life sentences in prison for the killings, making his maximum term 365 years to be served in Attica Correctional Facility. While in jail Berkowitz became a born again Christian and said that his obsession with the occult and pornography played a major role in these murders.

Original Artwork & Artifacts For Sale (click image for larger picture):

"2-Page Letter (2001)"
by David Berkowitz
8.5"x11" unframed
2 page typed letter
signed in ink,
with 9/11 pamphlet &
original prison stamped
mailing envelope
Includes COA

"1 Page Letter (2011)"
by David Berkowitz
6.25"x8.5" unframed
1-sided typed letter
signed in ink,
Includes COA

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