Spawn 25
- Chogrin presents a group art show in tribute to 25 years of Todd McFarlane's Spawn -

Todd McFarlane and his Image Comics partners revolutionized the comic book industry back in the early 90s. That revolution
still runs strong today, giving artists and creators a chance to express and own their vision without having to sacrifice it to a
larger corporate entity. Todd McFarlane has inspired a generation of artists to think outside the box and push their talent to
new creative mediums. This show features artists doing their own interpretation of McFarlane's Spawn in a comic book cover
format. It is both a tribute and a thank you to McFarlane.

Original Artwork For Sale (click image for larger picture):

"Spawn Blood and Shadows"

by Art Lopez
6' tall with base
paper mache &
mixed media sculpture

"Man Comes Around"
by Dos Diablos
8"x12" framed
oil on board

by Evan M Lopez
8.625"x12.187" framed
acrylic and Ink on bristol

by Mark Nagata
11"x17" framed
acrylic on illustration board

"The Man Who Fell
From Earth"

by Brendon Flynn
12"x16" framed
acrylic & graphite on board

by Ryan Bartlett
7.25"x10.5" framed
charcoal, pastel, &
acrylic on

"Spawn Homage"
by David Igo
12"x18" unframed
graphite & china marker on wood

by TheFlork
12"x18" mounted, unframed
digital art printed on metal

by Rebnor
digital print
$60.00 framed

$20.00 unframed
(3 available)

"SPAWN: New Yorker"
by Jordan Monsell
6.63"x10.24" framed
ink and copic markers on bristol
- Sold -

"Undead Demon Spawn"
by Scott Buoncristiano
13"x19" unframed
signed print
on archival paper
(4 available)

by Kaz Oomori
6.625"x10.187" unframed
UV print on
metallic paper
- Sold -

"Spawn 25 Years"
by Nathan Anderson
11"x17" framed
signed giclée print
one of one

by Robot Soda
6.625" x 10.187" unframed
cel-vinyl on wood

by Dave MacDowell
24"x24" unframed
acrylic on canvas

by Dave MacDowell
16"x24" unframed
print on high gloss paper


by Eugene Kaik
16"x20" framed
ink and watercolor on bristol

"Spawn Thrash"
by Jimbo Phillips
8" x 11.5" unframed
pencil, ink, & paint on bristol

"Necroplasmic Heart"

by Chogrin
10"x15" unframed
signed/numbered screenprint
edition of 25


by Mark Borgions
6.5"x10" unframed
print on wood

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