Original Artwork For Sale (click image for larger picture):

"By the Sword You
Did Your Work..."
by Dug Stanat
mixed media & acrylic

"The Blackest Star"
by Dug Stanat
- Sold -

"Gasses for the Masses"
(wearable mask &
mounting aparatus)
by LoneHawk Whitlock
gas mask, ram skull,
bones ,leather, spikes,
& mixed media

by Stephanie Inagaki
9.25"x11" framed
charcoal on paper
- Sold -

“Lord of Frost from the Thrice Ten
Kingdom, Harbinger of a time of no
spring, Keeper of the Stars of
Thirteen Year Winters”
by Joe Keinberger
12”x12” framed
acrylic, ink, & graphite
on wooden panel


by Tatomir
16"x12" framed
oil on canvas board

"Divine Being"
by Patrick Thai
6"x6" framed
oil on gesso board
- Sold -

"The Devil's Blood - Altar"
by Haste Malaise
12"x12" framed
Kodak silver metallic
archival photo print
limited edition of 33

by Bianca Olson
9"x12" framed
ink & acrylic on paper
mounted on wood

"Black Metal Ritual"
by Lou Rusconi
20"x20" unframed
acrylic on canvas

by Lou Rusconi
20"x20" unframed
acrylic on canvas
- Sold -

"Harvest ov Horns"
by Karl Dahmer
11"x14" framed
graphite, ink & acrylic
on watercolor paper
- Sold -

by Kris Hallford
8"x10" framed
oil on panel

"The Devil is My Neighbor"
by Krys Sapp
mixed media assemblage

"Can't See Nothing at All"
by Brett Herman
6.5"x9" framed
acrylic on panel

"Graveyard Engravings"
by Kristen Peschmann
17"x23" framed
2 signed artist proof
engravings (1989)

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