Vintage Clown Art: The Great and Secret Show

Send in the Clowns.
Funny, foolish, wise, sad, creepy, beautiful, horrific…the earliest clowns on record were found around 2400 BC
in the fifth dynasty of Egypt, though I suspect the clown archetype has been around since the creation of man.

Quick, send in the clowns.
Court jesters, harlequins, circus clowns, and countless other incarnations of the clown character have provided
humans with guidance, distraction, entertainment and fear throughout history. It's a vital role that permeates our
pop culture and our new exhibit celebrates the power of the clown, a figure that can make a child laugh while
simultaneously injecting mortal terror into the psyche of an adult.

Don't bother, they're here.
"It seems plausible that folly and fools, like religion and magic, meet some deeply rooted needs in human society"
- Peter Berger

Original Artwork For Sale (click image for larger picture):

"Heavy Metal Bozo"
by unknown
16"x20" framed
axrylic on canvas

"Psychotic Clown Girl"
by Kim Weed
(a Disney artist in the 40s
who worked on Fantasia)
7"x9" framed
oil on board

"Gene & Paul: Faces of Meth"
by Kelly
2 framed paintings,
14"x18" each
acrylic on canvo board
$120.00  (set)

"Trash & Vaudville
Employee of the Month"
by Unknown
16"x20" framed
acrylic on board

"Uncle Touchy"
by A. Spberger
8"x10" unframed
oil on canvas

"Put-It-In-Me the Clown"
by Homco
hard plastic novelty

"Fuck yeah, PCP!"
by unknown
12"x30" framed
axrylic on canvasboard

"You're Mine Now"
by Norman Rockwell
8" collector plate

"Tony Has Autism"
by Unknown
7.75" hand-painted plate

"Turning Tricks"
cast iron bank

"I'm Getting Harder
Than Chinese Algebra"
by Cydney
11"x14" framed
print on board

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