- Char Hall -

Char Hall is an award winning tattoo artist and an acknowledged fine artist from Northern
California. From her home base at Side Show Studios in Sacramento, Char needles her
artwork on living canvases. In addition, she can be found inking at tattoo conventions and
doing guest artist spots at tattoo studios all over the world. Char's oil paintings combine her
immense talent with a bold signature style. There is a flowing movement and a narrative
to her work that is tied together with an attention to detail that has earned her a respectable
fan base on all shores.

With this exhibit, Char presents her take on the myths, folklore, and eerie stories of the world.
Fascinating tales captured in a single moment with her paint brush that carry the essence of
our shared experience with these varied allegories. This is where fantasy merges with
eyewitness accounts to beautifully illustrate the fables we've been handed down for
generations. It's a beautiful show that captures the fears of childhood with an adult eye and
asks us how much we truly want to believe.

Original Artwork For Sale (click image for larger picture):

"Shell Skull"
by Char Hall
16"x20" framed
oil on canvas

by Char Hall
16"x20" framed
oil on canvas

"Autumn Skull"
by Char Hall
16"x20" framed
oil on canvas

"Belief in One"
by Char Hall
16"x12" framed
oil on canvas

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