This is yet another Hyaena insane art experiment geared towards making great art incredibly
affordable and accessible. Here's how it all works…

- Featured on this page are 15 pieces of art all valued at $300-$500.

- We are selling 15 raffle tickets at $215 each.

- When all 15 of the tickets are sold, we will do a drawing on camera to determine
  the order in which ticket holders can pick the art they want to own. First drawn,
  gets first pick of the artwork, second drawn gets second pick, and so on until all
  of the art is gone.

- Raffle ticket price includes all applicable tax and worldwide shipping charges.

- Purchase your ticket here online through paypal, by phone (818-972-2448), or
  in person at the gallery.

- There is no limit to the amount of tickets one person can buy, so you can
  improve your own odds of getting the art you want by buying two or three tickets!

- The drawing takes place on 12/15/13, or as soon as all 15 tickets are sold!

- Hyaena loves you. Thanks for the support.

The best part? Everyone gets a piece of art valued way over the raffle ticket price…
Everyone comes out ahead with some great artwork!

(14 Tickets Remain)

Original Artwork For Sale (click image for larger picture):

by Clint Carney
12"x16" framed
oil on masonite
Value = $400.00

"Prince of Darkness
Burgers" (2010)
by Harold Fox
8"x10" framed
oil on masonite
Value = $350.00

"Zsa Zsa Gabor"
by Gidget Gein
9"x12" unframed
watercolor on paper
Value = $500.00

"H.P. Lovecraft"
by James Bonner
coldcast bronze sculpture
(open edition)
Value = $350.00

"On the Cross"
by Daniel Johnston
8 1/2"x11" (double-sided)
unframed, Blue Ink on
Notebook Paper
(paper is slightly offwhite)

Early 1980's
Value = $400.00

"Long Neck 2"
by Matt Levin
one of a kind hand-
painted resin cast
sculpture on wood
Value = $300.00

"The Ascention"
by DW Frydendall
17"x13" framed
acrylic on masonite
Value = $450.00

by Eric Pigors
11"x14" framed
ink & marker on paper
Value = $350.00

"Marginalized To
by Jeremy Cross
16"x20" framed
oil on wood
Value = $400.00

by Tatomir
20"x16" framed
oil on canvas board
Value = $400.00

"Dream 13 (Paint What
You Know)"
by Christopher Ulrich
4"x5.5" framed
mixed media on paper
Value = $350.00

"Professor Xavier Exploits
His Gift For Quarters"
by Peter Adamyan
12"x12" unframed
oil & acrylic on wood relief
Value = $400.00

"Rock Is Dead"
by The Creep
16"x20" custom framed
acrylic on canvas
Value = $350.00

Outisder Art Trio:
"The Fly"
by Nicolas Caesar
unframed, acrylic on canvas

"Power Three"
by Matt Deterior
framed, mixed media on watercolor paper

"Woggy Teeth"
by Gidget Gein (unsigned)
11"x11.5" unframed, screenprint & mixed media on paper
Value = $300.00

"Twiggs Mini Alchemical
POORtrait II"
by Steven Johnson Leyba
6.5"x14" unframed
oil, acrylic, collage, glass
beads, & lace on canvas
with artists blood
Value = $333.00